Privacy Policy

Dragon-Tiger.Co.In ensures data privacy, fair play, and complies with laws, offering unique games, responsible practices, and dedicated support for a secure, engaging online community.

At Dragon-Tiger.Co.In, we are dedicated to the privacy and protection of user information. Our comprehensive guide outlines the extensive measures we take to secure data, ensure fair play, and comply with legal requirements, thereby safeguarding our online gaming community.

Participants agree to terms ensuring a respectful and transparent interaction. This agreement acknowledges mutual responsibilities.

Providing accurate information is crucial for maintaining our platform’s integrity. Registration grants Dragon Tiger Game the right to utilize user data as outlined herein.

We commit to security, transparency regarding term changes, and the protection of user rights, advising regular term reviews.

Dragon Tiger Game thrives on creativity, offering unique games and features as its proprietary content.

Users receive a non-exclusive license for personal use, without obtaining any content ownership. Content reproduction or distribution without permission is prohibited.

We respect third-party intellectual property rights and promptly address infringement concerns.

Our commitment to responsible gaming includes setting personal limits and offering support for those in need.

We enforce measures against fraud to maintain a fair gaming environment.

We prioritize data integrity, employing strict protection and transparent use of information.

Data is encrypted and securely stored, with rigorous defense against breaches. Users have control over their data in line with global data protection laws.

We adjust our operations to respect and enhance user rights under local laws, aiming for global accessibility.

Our expert team is on hand to provide informed support and address any queries or concerns.

For any platform-related issues, our support system offers timely and attentive assistance through various communication channels.

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